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25 Celebrity and Influencer Closets Big Enough To Live In

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Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images.
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There’s a trope in many movies and TV shows where one character is left in shock by another’s — or even their own — closet. Several things contribute to this state of awe, but the most prominently is the sheer size of the space. What would commonly be a bedroom is instead a closet one could only dream of, with floor-to-ceiling shoe racks — all designer of course — and the latest closet technology à la Clueless.

These wardrobes seem to solely exist on screen. However, they don’t. Just peek into the closet of almost any celebrity or influencer. In fact, they are larger than most people’s first apartment (or second or third…). Don’t believe it? Then check out these 25 closets large enough to live in and get ready to be jealous.