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Ridiculously Regal Homes Of Royals Around The World

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Courtesy of Getty Images.
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When you were a child, there's a good chance you at least toyed with the idea of becoming a royal. You could wear pretty crowns, go to fancy schmancy parties, and use your platform to do some good in the world. But unless your name is Kate or Meghan, you've probably kissed your dreams of becoming a prince or princess goodbye. However, that doesn't mean your obsession with royals is a thing of the past.

Whether you're currently binge-watching the latest season of The Crown, read up on their each and every move, or have even expanded your obsession to royal families from around the world, there's something both amusing and aspirational about seeing how the other half lives. With extravagant façades, multiple wings, and gilded details, royal digs are what design fairytales are made of. After all, no "happily ever after" is complete without a great home.

To satisfy your fandom, here's a comprehensive guide to aristocratic residences. Whether you love the British royal family or want to expand your love of all things regal, we're taking you around the world for an intimate look at these over-the-top abodes.

As Lorde once sang, we’ll never be royals, but a person can dream, right?