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See The Worst Decor Trend From The Year You Were Born

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Every single year, a new load of trends circulate our homes and to be honest, not all of them are the best. Even in the last decade there are a few design pieces that we can barely imagine putting into our spaces today. That's not saying all vintage pieces are bad though. We love finding cool items from the past to put in our homes. While it's fun to be nostalgic and curate pieces that have a mark of the past, you have to admit there's a reason we all look back at old photos and cringe.

While some old-school trends we love and want to revisit (hey, mid-century furniture and Italian modernism!), a few others should remain in the decade they came from. Not all design ideas really were meant for the long haul. I mean, can you imagine living in the exact same home you did as a kid? It might not be that pretty.

We rounded up the worst decor trends since 1950 so you can take a peek at those styles you were luckily too young to remember. From chintz to out-there color choices, there are definitely a few design choices that feel questionable today. Take a look and get a blast from the not-so-stylish past.